Observation Essay ENG 101 (old Lecture Hall)

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The entrances to the lecture room are at the hall's rear. There are two doors that open in to the hallway. Above each of these doors is a silver sign that reads E X I T and is lighted in red. The red light floods the dim room like a flashlight in a midnight alley. The room is football field shaped-- longer than it is wide --and the floor gradually becomes lower like a movie theater before stadium seating.

Extending from the rear doors and toward the front of the hall are two aisles. These pathways are covered in Brady Bunch brown carpeting that has been trampled down throughout the ages and is now becoming thin and shabby. Between the two aisles lies a sea of chairs and dark mocha tile that is cracked and chipped here and there creating texture of waves and revealing the chilling, solid cement floor beneath it.

The seats number about one hundred fifty, arranged in rows of ten and resembling an army marching off to war. The seats themselves are of the arena variety. The seat springs up to a vertical position when not in use and are held down by the weight of each body while occupied. The chairs have a cushioned seat and back rest covered in a dingy algae-colored cloth. When tapped the century-old trapped dust escapes the threadbare material and dances in the light of its newfound freedom. The armrests and also the backsides of the chairs have been constructed of wood. Lazily and patiently waiting under the seat, a slice of wood resides, the only tool the lecture hall provides for its students. Its function, once lifted and latched securely to the armrest, is to grant the student a hard surface on which to write. Like other parts of...