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In a workplace there are many different aspects to govern and run an organization. Some of the aspects or "culture" of an organization are organizational diversity, dress and language, how communication flows, and organizational policies. Below I will discuss several aspects of the company I work for and define what the different cultures are.

As we know in this day in age there are many different ways to communicate. Such as email, verbal, internet, intranet, etc… However, there is only two ways communication flows. There is upward communication defined as "communication from an employee to supervisor, supervisor to department head, department head to vice-president, and so on." (Abbott, 2005) The other flow is downward communication, which is described as "Information flowing from the top of the organizational management hierarchy telling people in the organization what the important (mission) is and what is valued (policies)." (Andrews, 1996) In my company we use upward communication when an important is assigned.

It seems to impact the employees more when it is sent from one of the directors, because it is acknowledged with greater importance, and definitely put into play if applicable. By implementing upward communication the management creates control and efficiency in the workplace.

Organizational policies are the basic common rules of a company. They can be described as leave of absence, narcotics abuse, sexual harassment etc… It is a set of ground rules, or codes of conduct the company finds important to document. The management does this so that the staff is clear on how they are expected to perform. These policies can help the employee's understand and obey the rules of an organization easier, by knowing and understanding these set of rules can help control conflicts between employees's and protect company policies. In my organization all the different departments of the...