Observation Report: Social Challenges in Schools

Essay by silvermystMiddle School, 6th gradeA, March 2006

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School is a very unique and significant journey in an individual's life. During these years a child develops and blossoms considerably, in almost every aspect of their being. There are numerous factors that influence a child's educational experience and their attitude towards school. Factors such as family life, peers, cognitive ability, personal integrity, administrative demeanor, race, socioeconomic status, and culture are exceedingly dynamic and, in most cases, ultimately fashion lifetime characteristics. In this observation report I will assess the ways in which a group of sixth graders convey themselves in their school environment.

My research began at a middle school called McLane Middle. I began my analysis by touring the entire school in an attempt to examine the student population as a whole. Looking around, I noticed all the common stereotypes one might consider a typical middle-class school to possess. There were sports inspired groups, hip-hop enthusiasts, gothic/punks, preps, and book worms.

Each group gathered certain positions throughout the school grounds to chat before the homeroom bell. With little time to further observe this area of my study, I have to conclude with only that first impression of the student community. I was then directed to my assigned teacher and class.

The group that I observed was composed of sixth graders. Upon arriving at my destination, the teacher explained to me that she had to run an errand and to feel free to unlock the door. This intimidated me a bit. As I walked to the door I could see all the students looking at me, speculating whether I was a substitute teacher, a student, or some special visitor. In a way, this pleased me and made me feel authoritative and admired. When I opened the door the kids piled in and shuffled to their seats. Their conduct first thing...