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King of the Third Grade

Blowing the candles out on my birthday cake, I thought only of the presents sitting beside the table. While eating chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream, I stared mysteriously at the gifts. "What could they be?" I thought. When mom said, " It's time to open presents," I flew past the kitchen chairs and stared with excitement at all the presents. Opening them one by one, I saved the smallest for last. " Here you go," my older brother said, " I got this for you." I ripped the wrapping paper off and threw it towards the area of the trashcan. A pack of Topps football cards lay in my hands. My brother knew I like collecting football cards. He always seemed to know just what I wanted for my birthdays. " Yes!" I said. I took off running down the hallway to my bedroom.

I yelled, " thanks."

Sitting on my bed, I gazed at my new pack of unopened football cards as if I had x-ray vision. My palms sweaty, my heart racing, I sat with intensipation. Hoping that the new Joe Montana card would be inside, I barely could hold onto the pack. I slowly tore the seam apart on the backside of the pack. I removed the loose wrapper and turned the cards over. There in all his quarterback glory Joe stared directly at me. Mocking the great Joe, I threw up my arms in victory. Jumping on the bed I yelled, "YA!"

With all this excitement, I had to go pee. After carefully placing Joe on my bedside, I turned to see the mess between the bathroom and me. Pretending to be the great quarterback, I took off through the room. With a spin, I avoided being tackled by yesterday's...