Observing a Scene. My class was told to just go out and observe a scene and then write a paper about it.

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Every year there is a tournament that my friend, Cassie goes to. It's a tournament held in different cities (this year in Chicago) where teams from different cities in Illinois and even some cities out of state come together to compete in Soccer and Volleyball for the girls and Football and Basketball for the guys. This year the people who run the tournament decided to change it up a little. This year the senior girls' team ended up playing Volleyball and Football. Practice is always interesting because it always takes a while for the girls to get serious so they end up having a lot of fun.

The girls start with warm-ups. They do stretches and then proceed to Indian run. An Indian run is when you run in a single file line and when the coach blows the whistle the girl all the way in the back has to sprint to the front.

They do this and several girls trip on their way to the front of the line, as they are not great sprinters. When it is Cassie's turn to sprint to the front, she takes off to the front and the safety pin on her scarf pops and the scarf flies off, which causes everyone to lose focus and laugh at her. She was upset at first, then decided join in with the laughter.

They start to practice football for the first time to see how well they can do. First up, practicing throwing the football back and forth. Some girls are just horrible at it because they either bat the ball away when it's thrown to them or they scream and move out of the way. Even the coach can not keep a straight face at this and she begins to laugh. These are the same...