Obstacles to Pursuing a Career in Business Administration

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I have always seen myself pursuing a career in the business world. I selected business administration as my major because I wanted to know a little bit about every aspect of the business world. This major has introduced me to a variety of subjects, so that now I feel conversant about a variety of topics that pertain to business administration. For instance, I have studied management, marketing, accounting, and office practices. I also have taken computer classes as well, I believe that the computer and Internet have changed the business world for all time. For instance, now we have E-commerce and the concept of "no location" stores like Amazon and others that sell merchandise right from the Internet.

Even though I have been diligent about my career, I find that a number of obstacles have presented themselves to me, but I have decided that nothing will stand in my way.

I will not let family interference, a busy school schedule, a demanding part time job, or a weak business economy to interfere with my plans. However, in order to succeed I realize that I must be smarter than most people, as the obstacles that present themselves are difficult. I know, however, that I can overcome these obstacles.

When it comes to my family, I believe that they feel jealous that I am so motivated to succeed in life. My Mom, for example, who does not speak English very well, feels lonely sometimes and wishes that I would not go out so much. She complains about my job and school and the time I spend with friends. I try to understand my Mother's point of view. I spend as much time with her as I can, and I always remember to buy her a present on the way home.