Obtaining a Position as a Network Administrator.

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Through out the world people spend millions or even billions of dollars on their education; hoping some day it will pay off. One could spend a lifetime going to school and accomplishing every academic goal there is. However, when it comes to getting reward financially, it is very easy to end up with the short end of the stick. Therefore, obtaining an ideal position that will enable on e to utilize his or her hard learned skills is a very critical and important step in life. As a networking student the lay off stories, dot-com failures, and the gloomy tech stock predictions will discourage any one from entering in the networking field. In reality networking is still the fastest growing profession out there. An online website called Computer Times states:

Despite massive layoffs of dot-com and technology industry workers over the past eight months, skilled IT workers remain a scarce commodity, according to a study released today by the American Electronics Association (AeA). The study - which relied on surveys of more than 400 high-tech companies involved in everything from telecommunications to the development of computer equipment and software - found that competition from high-profile employers and the potential for IT workers to earn more as independent contractors remain the key impediments to recruiting qualified IT workers. The survey also found that those companies most successful in attracting and retaining skilled IT workers were those that offered some form of referral bonus programs to employees. More than half of those surveyed said they also used some form of "variable pay" programs, or incentives such as "stay" bonuses and rewards for achieving milestones in a lengthy project or contract. (Kibiloski, 1)

As a computer-networking student, the ideal position that will utilize all the hard skills learned would be a networking...