Occupational Hazards

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The Employees seem to be unaware about the relationship of their health and their work. Even if the worker is aware of the link between his health and his occupation he may not be able to prove it because sometimes it may take decades for the symptoms of the disease to raise their ugly head. Some hazards in workplaces tend to be quite subtle and may take months or years of repeated exposure in order for effects to become apparent. In such a long time period it is understandably quite difficult to point to one?s occupation as the cause of one?s ill-health. For example suppose a worker might also happen to be a smoker it proves to be an impossible task to pinpoint one's occupation as the sole reason's for one's deteriorating health. Even if an Employee is aware of the possible dangers his job poses he still is responsible to make a living for himself and his family.

In some cases it seems to be a choice between earning a living and your health. An Employee generally tends to choose the one that has an immediate demand ? namely to make an earning, thus compromising his health in the bargain. An Employee also feels the lack of support form the Legal system. He feels there are not enough laws made to protect him as a worker.

Fortunately things are changing for the better, as the Employees get more aware of their rights. Employees are now granted basic rights such as - Right to refuse to work in a place only if he considers it to be unsafe; Right to participate in the Workplace Health and Safety activities; Right to be informed about, actual and potential dangers in the workplace. Together with that Employees have to fulfill certain responsibilities as...