Occupational Health Issues - Overachieving on the Job - STRESS

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Over the past twenty years the workplace has changed dramatically. These changes have taken place due to many factors such as work force diversity, technology, communication changes and business competition.

Interestingly enough, as the workplace evolves and changes, disease and illness rise at an alarming rate. How do we balance our lives to deal with stresses at home, at work and within ourselves? How do we consistently wake to an abrupt alarm, trip over the toys in the hallway while taking a three minute shower, run for the car and speed off down a crowded highway with others rushing to meet the deadline time clock in the hallway outside of their boxed cubicle without losing our cool? After the above harried morning we are then expected to perform flawlessly with precision while executing our duties in an efficient manner. And then, how lucky we are, we then jump into our vehicles and drown in the rush-hour sea to get back home, quickly put together a sumptuous and healthy dinner for four, drop laundry in, tuck the children into bed and then study until the wee hours of the morning, jump into bed and prepare to wake up to do the dance again the next day.

Stress; how is it that the majority of us even remain healthy after subjecting ourselves to the above on a daily basis? Stress has been defined as a demand or demands made on our bodies that require psychological and or physical adjustment (work stress). Interestingly enough, stress although usually made out to appear harmful can also be a positive factor in our daily lives. Stress can motivate us and in the reverse sometimes demotivate us. Good stress is a balance of arousal and relaxation that aids in concentration and focus. Remember the long nights studying...