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Mrs. Dickens

13 January 2014

Protecting the Ocean of Life

There are not too many things in this world more majestic and magnificent than the ocean. Making up almost ¾ of the worlds surface, oceans are easily the biggest bodies of water on land, and home to the biggest ecosystem of animal life on the planet. The ocean is so big; researchers say that not even half of the ocean has been explored yet. I agree with Sylvia Earle's argument. I believe that oceans do need to be protected along with all life forms inside it. Of course, there will always be fishing, but we need to look beyond that. Without the ocean, there is no life, and we need to do a better job protecting it.

The big picture in this argument is that some people might not realize what they are actually doing to damage or pollute the water of the ocean.

Pollution is everywhere. There is pollution from cars, pollution from factories, and even pollution in our everyday life that may go unnoticed sometimes. We tend not to know what's really happening until it affects us humans in the long run. Same goes for the ocean. For us Americans, the ocean is our garbage dump. From all the oil that is dumped to all the waste from the sewers; we tend to not realize the effect of our actions.

The ocean controls and regulates the world. In reality, we need more than it needs us. The ocean regulates the daily lives of so many people. The ocean provides millions of jobs for people throughout the world. It provides seafood, which is caught and sold in restaurants across the world. It provides resources that we use in our everyday lives. It even serves...