On October 27, 1858, in New York City, Theodore Roosevelt

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On October 27, 1858, in New York City, Theodore Roosevelt was born. His parents were Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Martha Bulloch. Martha was from the South and Theodore Sr. was from the North. Theodore had three brothers and sisters, Anna, Elliot, and Corinne. Theodore was given the advantage to hear a lot of politics discussed because of the Civil War.

Roosevelt was small and weak when he was young and kids always picked on him. His dad suggested weightlifting and within a year, he was stronger than most of the kids his age but lacked fighting skill, so he began boxing lessons.

Roosevelt was into natural history and he wanted to be a naturalist when he was young. He began collecting rocks and bones after he was given the skull of a seal.

Because of his asthma, he didn't start school until he was fifteen. After his school was shutdown because the teacher who ran the school became ill, his aunt, Annie Bullock, began teaching him.

His father died in 1878. Theodore inherited $125,000. Later that year, he fell in love with a woman named Alice Hathaway Lee. He proposed a while later and she eventually said yes.

In 1880, they married and after they settled down. Roosevelt entered Columbia Law School. While in school, he worked on a book that he started in Harvard, but he did not finish before he dropped out In 1881, Roosevelt began his political life when he ran for New York Assembly Representative. He was elected. In his 1884 term, he was chosen to be the chairman of the New York delegation to the Republican National Convention.

In February of 1885, his first daughter was born. Alice passed away two days later.

One day on a visit with his daughter and siblings, he met up with Edith Carow, an old girlfriend of his. They began dating and he soon proposed to her. She accepted and they moved back to New York. From 1886 to 1898, Roosevelt served on the Civil Service Commission.

In 1898, Roosevelt was nominated as a candidate for New York Governor. He won and began his role as governor in 1899. After two years, the Republic machine didn't want him in Albany any more so he was not re-elected.

Roosevelt later accepted the nominations for being vice-president with McKinley. One day McKinley was in Buffalo giving a speech when a man named Leo Czolgosz pulled out a gun and shot him. Roosevelt rushed to Buffalo to see McKinley, but McKinley passed away before he got there. Roosevelt assumed his office as President.

He decided to carry out the plan to build the Panama Canal, which would cost $337,000,000,000. Roosevelt served seven years as president and in that time, he worked hard to give black Americans more opportunities to be involved with the government. He also worked to end the war between Japan and Russia and received the Nobel Peace Prize.

After his second term ended, he retired from politics and got into natural history again. William Taft made him mad so he tried to form his own party, the "Bill Moose Part", but lost to Woodrow Wilson.

In 1919, on January 5, Roosevelt died in his sleep of a blood clot in is heart. He was 60 years old Bibliography --Microsoft® Encarta 99© --Internet (web site unknown) --World Book Encyclopedia (50th Anniversary Edition)