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When the Soviet satellite Sputnik flies over Coaltown, in 1957, teen Homer Hickam's dreams and destiny change forever. Set in the small coal-mining town of Coalwood West Virginia Homer is your average underachieving teenager destined and expected to follow in his father's footsteps, which would see him in the role of an underground coal miner. The launching of the Soviet satellite Sputnik changes him forever. He sees a future for himself other than a life of coal mining. Homer, with the help of his friends and teacher Miss Riley (Laura Dern) sets about making his own rocket. Not only does this enrage his father, but also it gets the rest of his friends and the school geek all working towards a goal, which they would never be able to accomplish alone. But John Hickam (Chris Cooper), Homer's strict father, isn't at all pleased by the progress of his son's foolishness.

John is a mine supervisor who does his best to ignore gossip that Coalwood, like the coalmine itself, is dying. He proudly supports his older son, Jim, who may be able to earn a football scholarship, too small to earn a football scholarship, Homer has no way out of his predetermined life. Even with the restraint from his father Homer perseveres and creates many rockets, until he succeeds to get it right. It is unheard of for a boy like homer to further his education at university. In small mining towns this was a privilege only reserved for those who could obtain sporting scholarships. Despite many failures that nearly get them shut down, their final success inspire the whole town to believe that even in Coalwood, there's nothing wrong with shooting for the stars.

The viewer's first impression of Homer is a teenager, under constant pressure trying to live...