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In American society, the common stereotype is that the father has the role of the dominant figure in the household. The father-daughter relationship in male-dominated family structure is critical because the absence of a father has a negative impact on the daughter. Sylvia Plath and Sharon Olds may come across as two seemingly different poets; however, they are quite similar, especially in their driving forces behind their writing styles in poetry. The lives of Plath and Olds are both expressive of the realities of a father-dominated family, in which both of these poets lost their fathers at a young age. This is significant because both poets have faced a similar traumatic event that has had everlasting effects on their adult womanhood, which is reflected in their writings. The poems that best support this argument are Plath's, "Colossus", "Daddy" and Old's, "My Father Speaks To Me From The Dead".

For both these woman, their accesses to father-daughter relationships were denied based on life circumstances. Ironically, their fathers were their muses for writing and are what made them the women they are today.

Plath is categorized as a poet that touches upon the highs and struggles of her life growing up, such as the tragic loss of her father, which is reflected within her work. Plath comes across as a poet that is depressed, victimization, dark thoughts and negative energy full of anger and rage. Plath was confused and angry about her father's death. Plath never had a chance to mourn the loss of her father in the stages of grief. It's almost as if she goes back and forth from denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, and depression. She almost reaches the peak of acceptance but never completely makes it past it. Plath constantly expresses her hate for why her...