ODE TO THE GENTLEMEN : on learning to be yourself This is for the gentlemen of about 30 and under.

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Learn to be yourself.

Beauty is in the eye of its beholder,

Now that's what I like to hear.

I'm loving that men are now bolder,

Their own words they no longer fear.

So what is beauty anyway?,

Is it in personality or in looks?

Is it in talent or virtue?

Some think it's found in their sugars checkbooks!

I feel that beauty is just being you no matter what,

Not changing for anyone at any time

No ifs, ands, or buts.

One would say I'm crazy

But I would just call them "phasey".

One day society says you must be voluptuous to be sexy,

The next day it's thin,

Now I'm not trying to be too testy,

But what the hell is really "in"?

Who cares what others think

Start thinking for yourself.

Let this be the last bit of advice

That you follow from someone else.

Go out, have a good time,

Do what YOU want to do,

Cut the cheese and pour the wine.

Let everything you do evolve around YOU

Because when it comes down to it

You may find your future wife,

But for now just go out,

Learn to live YOUR life.