Odense Zoo Case Study

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Description of the Company

Type of company

Odense Zoo started in 1930 as a small garden with animals, but along the years it grew and gained interest from the public and in 1933 the animal garden could already change their company to a Public Limited Company (Aktieselskab - A/S) and the name to Odense Zoo. The Zoo has for the past 10 years, gone through a heavy growth in all points of views. It is a service business that, when everything comes to an end, commits themselves on entertaining and informing.

Plan of organisation

Organisation Chart: See enclosure.

The company uses the line- and staff principle, which you can see of the organisation chart where a secretary or office lady has been hired. The division of labour is followed by the function principle where all employees are specialized in a certain job and each has their own function in the company.


The present Managing Director is Hans Aage Koefod, but above him is the board which is the decisive people of the zoo. It is running well with Hans Aage as anchorman, even though the zoo has had several different owners through the years, but new ideas and visions are sometimes healthy for a company. The community of Odense owns the zoo, which means that it is not owned by a few private persons.

Customer description

The customers of the zoo are families with children that have an interest in animals and mother nature - people who enjoy being around animals and taking their children out for an adventure in the zoo. Along with that, Odense Zoo puts a lot of money into making it friendly towards the weak people in the society such as handicapped and pensioners. 60% of all the visitors are child-families and 70% of all...