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Odense zoo


Table of Contents

21.0 Introduction �

21.1 Problem Statement �

32.0 Methodology Section �

32.1 Reviewing theories and Models �

32.2 Source of criticism �

33.0 Analysis Section �

6Bibliography �

7Appendices �



We have chosen to work with Odense Zoo and take a look at their promotion. The Zoo in Odense is a cozy and nice place but we figured out that it isn't well promoted. We assume that most of the guests are from the area and the primary target group is families with children. Odense Zoo was in 2012 the third most visited Zoo in Denmark, right behind Copenhagen Zoo and Aalborg Zoo. The number of visitors has fallen from 2011 where 405.913 visited the Zoo to 375.667 visitors in 2012(Appendix C). So basically the intention is to find out how Odense Zoo can raise their number of visitor again. For a more specific marketing plan it would be necessary to find out how the number of visitors is divided in the different groups e.g.

geographic area, age, and status.

To find out how the Zoo could promote itself better different methods were chosen to work with. We have agreed on that both desk and field research is necessary to answer the problem statement.

Included in the desk research is getting information about the Zoo as an organization. By studying their homepage we could collect a lot of information and get to know what kind of events the Zoo has to attract customers. Also we were able to collect information about the cooperation's that Odense Zoo is a part of.

Odense Zoo has just been awarded the best Zoo in Europe and it is obvious to use this award in their future promotion. So we would make descriptive research to find...