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Thesis Statement: Odysseus had a plan to escape with his life as well as the lives of his men. He even managed to grab a ram on the way out.

Odysseus' Four Part Plan

Odysseus was not only a man, but also a warrior. He was one of the best and widely known men throughout all of Greece. He was the King of Ithica. He left with his men hoping to win a war, but the troubles he would face would be far greater than ever imaginable. He encountered Monsters, Gods, and many other Mythology legends. In the end he would lose everything he had but the dream of returning home to his son and wife.

The first part of Odysseus' plan was to meet the Cyclops and observe him. Once found out how powerful he was, he would then make weapons strong enough to hold him off.

All of his strategy was planned very carefully. He always thought of the risks he put his men and self in. Unfortunately the Cyclops was not very friendly at all. Any man he could catch, he would rip apart and devour. He noticed that the Cyclops was not very smart, so when Odysseus was asked his name he replied, Nohbdy.

Once he had observed the Cyclops. He thought of what his weaknesses might be. Then he soon remembered that he was a Cyclops! He only had one eye, which was his weakness. He quickly formed a plan of attack to escape. He prayed the night before the attack for Athene, goddess of war, to send him something to use as a tool to harm the gigantic beast. She sent him a giant log. From that, he made a weapon, a stake, to somehow blind his only eye.

The next...