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Chapter 1 - Introduction

I'd like to start out by saying I am a pretty damn good scripter. Under Odyssey, I've made the servers Realm of Chaos and Parsec, both Officials under the reign of Steverino. I'd like to thank ice for exposing me initially to scripting, and to advanced scripters like Grimmy for explaining advanced concepts to me and showing me that the Odyssey scripting engine can do just about anything if handled right. This tutorial is made to be read by people who have never touched another language of any kind before, but have SOME experience in computers and the way things work. If you have experience in an advanced language, like VB or C, you'll pick this right up. You have the choice to select from four different scripting tutorials. Some of the more advanced tutorials might ignore points considered serious by beginners, so it's best to start where you feel comfortable.

Chapter 2 - The Basics of Scripting

Odyssey scripting is not the easiest thing to learn. Understanding of the language comes at a point, the plateau, and once understanding is reached, both nothing and everything will be learned. Odyssey scripting comes in the form of the MBSC engine, which stands for Multi-Purpose Basic Scripting Compiler. The MBSC is the powerhouse of Odyssey, and having mastery of it will be noticed in your server. There are two files required for MBSC, the mbsc.exe and mbsc.inc. Odyssey scripting is an interpreted, step-logic programming language. Your mbsc.exe file is the interpreter, while the mbsc.inc tells it what to do. The actual scripting engine is inside the server.exe program, in the modScript module.

Chapter 3 - Configuring Odyssey to work with this tutorial

First, you'll need god access on the server. If you own the server, just give yourself...