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Classics 150

The Odyssey entails many themes into its poetry-entwined story. Themes are many times better expressed and clearer through poetry, using emphasis and similes. In fact, poetry is one of the greatest ways to learn about the character. It provides such richness in expression of his/her story and feelings through innuendos, nuances, similes, all with specific choice of words and a variety of interpretations. Throughout this poem, many characters are learned through their speech and telling of a story. Telling their stories bring out such richness in their identity. A story is referring to when a character either is expressing him or herself in some way or literally telling a past happening with him or herself. Identity means where the character identifies himself with through the understanding of his story and/or actions. Many people inadvertently express their true desires, ideals, and identity when they tell their story through their instinctual nuances, focus, and expression.

The beauty of poetry is that the expression is so rich that these factors seem so real and alive that it is easy sometimes to feel the characters pain or pleasure through your own interpretation. The beauty is that is it easy to connect their stories and identity many times with yourself because of the many possibilities of interpreting. Throughout the poem, Odysseus is telling his story many times. He tells his story to Calypso, Athena, Phaecians, his wife, his son, etc. There is so much to be learned about Odysseus through his expression of himself through the past. Out of the many things we learn from stories are identities and ideals to connect with. There are many instances, actions or speech, where Odysseus's paradigm seems to be suggesting an ideal of life that is desirable to identify with. His story seems to connect his...