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In comparing the blockbuster movie TROY to secondary sources found o the internet and in various texts, there are many significant differences in the portrayal of Odysseus and his involvement in Trojan War.

In the movie, the first we see of Odysseus is when he's sent by the Mycenaean King and conqueror of Greece, Agamemnon, to persuade Achilles to join the Greek war effort because, I quote, "Odysseus is the only man he'll listen to". The respect and belief placed in Odysseus further proves the amount of admiration Greeks hold in his ability as an eloquent speaker.

In many of the texts, there is more to the pre-war story of Odysseus then mentioned in TROY. One commonly held belief is that Odysseus was one of the original suitors of Helen. He was the one that made all of her suitors swear to defend her marriage rights. However, when Menelaus called on the suitors to bring Helen back from Troy, Odysseus was reluctant to make good on his oath.

In the sources Odysseus was one of the key Greeks involved in the Trojan War. He was, according to one text, to be "Outspoken and sincere, fierce and proud". To another source, he was said to "Refuse to leave the field when the Greek troops were being routed by the Trojans.

In contrast with the texts, the movie portrays very little of Odysseus' involvement in battle and shows none of his efforts as a Greek ambassador. This is mentioned regularly in our sources, again referring to the amount of approbation the Greeks had for Odysseus' capability to influence the minds of men.

One of our sources mentions the bravery and courage Odysseus showed while trying to protect a dying Achilles. It states that Ajax, another Greek warrior, Achilles and Odysseus got...