Odysseus: Epic Hero

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Odysseus, the main character of Homer's epic tale The Odyssey, possesses the qualities of an epic hero. These qualities include the fate of the nation depending on the character, an adventurous spirit, a close relationship with gods, and being an admirable person. Throughout Odysseus many trials and adventures he demonstrates many of these qualities and characteristics.

Odysseus displays all of the qualities of an epic hero. One of the characteristics is the fate of the nation depending on him/her. In the movie, Odysseus is the king of Ithaca, and his participation in the Trojan War is the deciding factor in who will eventually win. During this adventure Odysseus displays another characteristic of an epic hero, an adventurous spirit. He shows this when he comes up for the plan to build the Trojan horse, in order to win the Trojan War. This also shows how cunning he is, and how he is a leader.

Throughout these times, Odysseus also shows that he has close relationships with the gods. For example, on the boat, Athena talks to Odysseus and tells him that she wants him to fight and to win the Trojan War. Also, while in the Trojan horse, a god sends a sea serpent to eat the man trying to ruin their plan to sack Troy. During the battle, Odysseus shows his admirable qualities when in the midst of the battle he sees a child and runs to save him. Next, Odysseus comes up with the plan to escape from the cyclop's lair by getting him drunk, blinding him, and fooling him by telling him his name was "No Body". Although a great hero, Odysseus also has an ignorant side which he shows by boasting to the Cyclops that the great Odysseus has blinded him.

Odysseus was...