Odysseus' Heroic Journey.

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The Odyssey is an epic that has maintained a prominent position in literature for thousands of years. Odysseus, the heroic main character, encounters many struggles throughout the story prior to obtaining victory. In this essay, we will explore Odysseus' heroic journey of battle, personal struggle, assistance from the gods and allies, and eventually victory; not only this, but how his venture demonstrates moral concepts useful for not only the past, but also the present and future. We will also discuss why the Odyssey has continued to maintain significance in literature throughout the decades.

The heroic journey of Odysseus in Homer's "The Odyssey" begins in Ithaca, the ordinary world of King Odysseus. It is here that Odysseus receives his call to fight alongside the Achaeans in war against Troy. At first Odysseus refuses this duty because he is content with his peaceful life ruling over Ithaca with his family by his side.

At the prompting of the goddess Athena, the daughter of Zeus, Odysseus decides to join the war with the Achaeans. Athena is a consistent mentor to Odysseus throughout the epic and as a result, Odysseus is faithfully devoted to her.

The first threshold for Odysseus was the Trojan War, where he becomes renowned for his bravery and keen mind. After the war, Odysseus begins his journey home; this is where his various struggles begin. There are many tests, as well as temptations, through which Odysseus maneuvers through. Many of these tests and struggles are a result of his pride.

Overcoming obstacles is the basis of Odysseus's journey. We ourselves can learn from Odysseus in how he overcame the challenges he faced to assist us in overcoming challenges in our own lives. For instance, the depiction of Odysseus' need for allies and friends is...