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The Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem that has been a significant piece of literature

since it was first composed and will remain so for ages to come. One of the reasons is

because of the hero, Odysseus. The other reason is because this epic poem

teaches values. The most important one is bravery. The reason Odysseus is able to

escape Cyclops and Spirits from Hades is because he is brave. He is not afraid to face

them. His bravery is the light towards his destiny, which is reaching his home - Ithaca.

The first time Odysseus shows his bravery is when he and his men are trapped in

Polyphemus' cave. He does not panic, but he uses his time wisely to think of a plan.

When he comes up with a plan he is brave enough to be the one who offers wine to

Polyphemus. On page 78 Odysseus says, " Here, Cyclops, take this wine and drink after

you feast on human flesh, and learn how good a drink we kept hidden withing our ships".

Later on Odysseus and his men show their bravery by not being afraid to poke

Polyphemus' eye out and escape from his cave when he opens the exit. It is clear that

their bravery saves their lives and they are able to continue their adventure.

The second time bravery is helpful to Odysseus and his men is when they need

advise about getting home. They are brave enough to go to Hades and look for blind

Tiresias. Before Odysseus finds Tiresias he has to face dangerous spirits, but he is

brave and does not run. On page 120 Odysseus tells about his visit to Hades, "Round the

pit they [ spirits ] gathered on every side,