The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Ryan Crandall Period 5 December 21, 2001 Strength, courage, cunning, and cleverness, these are just some of the many traits that Odysseus must use in the epic, The Odyssey. The Epic, The Odyssey was composed by Homer, a blind poet in 600 BC. Odysseus is the most cleaver, and courageous Greek.

Odysseus is very cleaver many times in this epic. For example he finds a way to escape from the Cyclops on his island. The time when he told his men not to kill the Cyclops or they would be trapped in the Cyclopes cave forever, because there was a giant stone blocking the entrance that could only be moved by the Cyclops. He also told the drunken Cyclops his name was Nobhdy. This was pure genius because the when he stabbed the Cyclops in the eye he would call out for help, if he said it was Nobhdy that injured him they would think that it was his own fault so they wouldn't help him.

Another time Odysseus showed his cleverness was when his crew and he went up against the sirens. Odysseus knew that the crew would fall victim to the sirens so he filled their ears with wax they melted in the heat of Helios's sun. Odysseus does as always seeks fame so he knows that if he can hear the sirens he would be the only man alive to ever hear the sirens sing. When he returns to find his house full of suitors, unlike most men who would rush home to see there family and they would be killed. Odysseus was wiser then that most men, so he waited before he came home to tell anybody that he was home so that none of the suitors or their followers would no...