Odyssey- An alternate ending

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Everything is the same until the stringing of the bow except Telemachus doesn?t know about Odysseus

Odysseus, who currently looks like an old man, tries to string the bow, but fails. The leader of the suitors, Antimous strings the bow and shoots through the twelve axis. Odysseus pleads with Antimous to have another go. He accepts as Odysseus is an old man and he surely couldn?t do it. Odysseus attempts and gets it through all twelve axis. Queen Penelope comes down and now has to choose. Odysseus says ?I am Odysseus? but she doesn?t believe him. She chooses Antimous as he is a young, handsome man but the other man is old. Odysseus shouts ?Athene, change me back.? All the suitors laugh out aloud as nothing happens. A few days later, they are about to get married when Odysseus ruins the wedding by messing up the room.

Telemachus challenges him to a fight.

Odysseus doesn?t fight back as he is his only son. Before Telemachus kills Odysseus, Odysseus says ?I forgive you?. As soon as he dies, Athene turns his appearance back into the Odysseus with was about to go to troy. Telemachus has a flash back of being in his dad?s arms and he realises that he has killed his dad. He commits suicide with the same sword he killed his dad with. Penelope comes and sees the body. She says it is a joke from the gods which was intended to hurt her on her wedding day. She just mourns for her son. Then Hermes comes and announces that the Gods were unhappy at her disrespect for Odysseus and her blaming the gods. Also she hadn?t kept faithful to Odysseus and as a punishment, she was immortal. Any more offspring would be mortal and now she...