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One of the most famous Greek poets of all time is Homer. He was the inventor of the Homeric simile. He is the writer of two well known epic poems "Iliad" and "Odyssey". His work has been preserved orally for many generations until it was finally written down. He was one of the preservers of Greek culture and history. Although his poems weren't always accurate and were corrupted over time, they are some of the earliest most influential texts of the time and region.

It is fought over where Homer originated from. Some people think his writings came from the Greek settlements on the cost of Asia and others argue they came from Greece. Either way, he was considered the starting point of western Literature and History. His Works spread through the whole of Greece very quickly and were used to teach in the early days.

"While the ancients believed that the Homeric poems were composed in the Greek settlements on the Asian coast, and brought from Ionia to Hellas, modern critics often hold that the earliest lays were made in Greece, but that our Iliad and Odyssey contain a large percentage of much later Ionian work.

" (The World of Homer, p137)

Homers poems Iliad and Odyssey both concern the Trojan wars. The poem Iliad is an account of the war and the poem Odyssey is the story of the return of one of the great hero of the war. Both poems significantly illustrate Homeric simile, which are greatly detailed simile. The poems are extremely descriptive and present a very clear image of the event which is being explained. This descriptive imagery makes the poems more interesting, but also extends the poems to great length. "No other texts in the Western imagination occupy as central a position...