The Odyssey: Paper that highlights Odysseus's characteristics, Penelope's characteristics, and the hardships they faced.

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Odysseus's legacy will echo throughout all eternity because, like all epics, it resembles the values of a specific society; values which are still held today. The everlasting retelling of an ancient story, a sense of immortality, exists in each epic that entices readers to follow its timeless tales. The Odyssey, although from a time long ago, presents the image of perfection in life. The characters of the Odyssey portray this flawlessness through the personalities of an ideal hero, heroine, and the ultimate goals in which they strive for.

Odysseus has brain and brawn; he is sly yet strong, and cunning but also courageous. He demonstrates a true epic hero, a magnificent man conquering evils around him, but most importantly, the evils within him. Most typical heroes are muscular, exceeding in physical power. Although Odysseus is tough, he cannot always overpower his enemy with his strength. His clever mind allows him the ability to overcome the strongest and most brutal foe.

In the episode with the Cyclops, a beast many times larger than Odysseus, impossible to beat, Odysseus finds a way to outsmart him by blinding him and sneaking away under the protection of the soft lambs' wool.

Odysseus is not only a heroic man, but also a superb leader. He restores faith in his crew, even after the most tragic events leading to hopeless situations. Odysseus's optimism is greatly reflected when his crew betrays him by opening the bag of winds. He also always forgives their stupidity, in such foolish events, no matter what negative effects are inflicted, an dprotects them, making him the faultless leader we have grown to admire. Anytime time Odysseus knows of future tragedies, he stays on his course, persuading the crew on, as if oblivious to future dangers, revealing his pure bravery.