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The Five Key Steps to Oedipus Rex There are five key steps to the play Oedipus they are Why are the gods punishing Thebes, Who killed Liyus, Why is Creon suspected of trying to take Oedipuses thrown, Who is Oedipus, When is the Anangnorisis. The play Oedipus begins in the city of Thebes which is being punished by the gods. The major irony of the story is that Oedipus?s real parents aren?t the ones from Corinth they are the king and queen of Thebes. His real parents have a curse put apaun them because the father King Liyus would not share his wife Jocasta, a very beautiful woman with the God Apollo. The curse place apaun them is that ?The first son of Liyus and Jocasta will grow up to kill his father and wed his mother?. In defiance of the gods the parents try to have Oedipus killed, so they higher a Shepard to kill him.

The Shepard cant just kill a baby so he takes Oedipus, who has a hole drilled into his heels and a piece of twine that bounds them together, to another Shepard and tells him to ?Take the baby far away and hopes to never have the child return.? This other Shepard takes the baby and names it Oedipus which means swollen foot to the city of Corinth and sells the baby to the king and queen of the city. Oedipus is able to grow up and fufill the curse but until the curse is fulfilled Thebes is to be punished by the gods.

The death of King Liyus is a mystery to all but one man. The Shepard who was to kill Oedipus became a guard of King Liyus and was with him and other gaurds the day that he was killed.