Oedipus The King

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Oedipus the King Fate is a very crucial aspect of everybody's life. All people have their fate predetermined for them by God before they are even born. Some times a person can control what happens to him/her but only to a certain extent. The reason that some happenings are controlled to an extent goes to the fact that all other aspects in life are controlled by a higher power. There are so many occurrences in life that may not be introduced to certain people. However, eventually some of these occurrences may be introduced to the person. In most cases people have to deal with what they fall into and try to make the best out of it. Oedipus had a lot of strange happenings in his life such as being abandoned by his mother to die, being adopted by a different family and some other things that will be explained in detail.

In this paper, I will address some of the events that involved Oedipus's life, how those events affected his life, and finally how he adapted to his fate.

Oedipus was born to the royal family of Thebes as the King's son. The God had told Oedipus's mother that she had to get rid of him because he would kill his father and marries his mother. Therefore, Oedipus's mother ended up giving Oedipus to a stranger and asked him to kill Oedipus as a baby. Then the stranger felt sorry for the baby and he ended up giving the baby to a family for adoption. Oedipus grew up and left the family that adopted him at a young age. Oedipus then killed the King of Thebes and the guards with him while he was travelling with out knowing that he was his father. After that Oedipus answered the Sphinx...