Oedipus Rex

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Many Greek myths and legends have a valuable point or lesson which is revealed when told.

Each individual who hears it obtains a different meaning from what the author tries to throw out

to the audience or reader. In Oedipus Rex, one part of The Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles,

there is a lesson of allowing life to take its course instead of steering it to your own advantage or

trying to prevent it from coming true as Oedipus and parents have attempted to do so. The

Gods have predicted what shall happen and it is to remain that way no matter what actions are

taken to avoid it.

What the gods speak of will happen in due time. Oedipus' fate was spoken before his

birth to his parents, Laios and Iocaste. Apollo thus said that Oedipus shall kill his father and

then marry his mother. "An oracle was reported to Laios once that his doom would be death at

the hands of his own son-born of his flesh and of [Iocaste] .

. .It is God himself who can show

us what he wills, in his own way."1 As told before, it has happened indirectly. Laios and

Iocaste try to prevent this encounterment by giving Oedipus away at birth to a shepherd from

Corinth that took the baby from the king to his own country.. As time passed by and Oedipus

grew up he was mocked by others accusing him of false parents. When he confronted his

parents they simply said that those who speak are fools and should not be taken seriously. In

search for the truth he went to the gods himself.

"I went to the shrine at Delphi the God dismissed my question . . .

that I should lie with my own mother, breed children...