Oedipus Rex (The Greek Life Story?)

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If someone has read Oedipus Rex, they are missing a lot. This book is a powerful play on many life stories of confusion. Many say that it is about deception. Others say that it is about prophecy. Is it ever considered it being about fate? Many times in this book the reader will see that people are trying to dodge their destinies. This of course cannot happen. The theme in this book shows a powerful insight on what will happen in our fate. If the reader looks at what happens to everyone, it will see a powerful display of destiny.

In the beginning of the book the readers eye can catch that Thebes is in trouble (prologue 4-5). When an oracle is sought after, it says that someone must find out what really happened to the former king Laios. Oedipus decides this is the best thing. The oracle made Oedipus find out what happened because he was meant to do that.

The truth was to "set the city free" so to speak. Why else would the city of Thebes be plagued at this very time? It was meant for Oedipus to find out the past. Laios was killed in order that Oedipus would find out his past and future. In other words, every thing happened for a reason. On page 51, Jocasta sets forth something that should have been more "stunning" to Oedipus. She is talking to him and her powerful insight was, "Why should anyone in this world be afraid? Since fate rules us and nothing can be foreseen?". Sooner or later, Oedipus was sure to find this truth himself.

In the murder of King Laios there was one man who made it out alive. This man disappeared very soon after the crime, but he was not meant...