Office automation.

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Office automation software is used to simplify each individual's daily task and help in group collaboration. In many companies, office automation is a standard practice. There are software applications that are used by many companies in the same way. Businesses today realize that they will need to follow the standardized system to be productive. Some of these systems include email, fax, post office, and video teleconferencing. These are only a few of the systems that are automated which are used by the majority of businesses.

Office Automation.

Individuals in the business environment often do not work alone, but rather in teams, committees, departments, and other types of workgroups. To collaborate on common tasks, workgroup members can have meetings, talk on the telephone, send faxes, and distribute memos. Many of these tasks are done through office automation software and group collaboration. Some of the software we use is e-mail, e-fax, post office, and video teleconferencing.

Since our business is based on collaboration, it is important to automate communication within the office, offsite locations, and clients. We as a company rely on many office automation tools which make this possible, but the most widely used application are also the standards in business today.

One of the major collaboration software that is used in the office is the email system. Email allows everyone in the organization to communicate with internal personnel as well as external. Furthermore, email can be used to communicate with customers and clients.

Our email system uses an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Outlook communicates to the Microsoft Exchange server which allows delivery to the correct address. The exchange server also houses the global address book for all users on the system as well as client addresses. This address book is accessible to all users. Besides email, Outlook...