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Office automation is important to the operation of every company. Deciding what programs and tools are used can determine the profitability, productivity, and viability of the company. A company should take time to evaluate the programs and tools used making adjustments as needed. The company in this evaluation provided practice management software, training, and support to medical offices. The software used to provide support and track customer issues was not always kept up to date, and the tools for supporting clients lagged behind the industry by a year or more in some cases. The company did not use the systems effectively, which reduced productivity, and created redundancy in some areas of operation.The first area of focus is the core of the business, logging and tracking support issues. The help desk software allowed the support staff to enter support questions, assign issue numbers, and create activities associated with the resolution of the support problem.

A knowledge base could be built from previous support issues, allowing faster, consistent problem resolution for previous support questions (Kemma Software, 2008). The tracking software, instead of being implemented as a first step problem resolution tool, was instead used as a storage program. The support staff kept hand written call sheets; later this data was added to BridgeTrak. Review of call sheets and issues required a time intensive task for the supervisor.

The e-mail program used was Microsoft Exchange Server; this program worked but was not as secure or complete as Lotus Notes and Domino (Crow, 2000). Employee knowledge of Lotus Notes and Domino was limited, training or additional staff would have been needed to implement and support the program. Benefits of using Microsoft Exchange Server are employee knowledge, remote access to e-mail and easier installation and set-up.

Document management presented a variety of problems...