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Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software Paper

Office automation software is a critical part of daily tasks, used to simplify group collaboration within Oracle support. Almost all companies use office automation as a standard practice, not just Oracle Corporation. Software applications are used to automate routine office tasks, such as email, fax, internet chat, and teleconferencing. These are only a few of the most common systems that help to automate offices today. Without these tools, group collaboration takes more time and is very difficult to coordinate.

Businesses today often rely on teamwork, committees and various other types of workgroups in daily operations. To collaborate on common tasks, workgroup members can have meetings, talk on the telephone, send faxes, and distribute memos via email or internet chat services. Many of these tasks are accomplished through office automation software like Outlook Express, Oracle Web conferencing, AOL Instant Messenger, and Windows Messenger.

Since Oracle support is based on collaboration between the working analysts, managers, and customers, it is very important to automate communication within our environment.

Oracle support relies on many office automation tools, however the most widely used tools are used by many businesses today. One of the key players in collaboration between the working analysts and management is the email system. The email system allows for employees to communicate with each other internally as well as externally with the customers. Our email system enables the employees to select the method that best suits them to access their email on a routine basis. Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Netscape are the most widely used access paths to the email servers today. All of these email engines enable the users to store personal email addresses, phone numbers, and information. There is also the capability to search the internal LDAP servers for...