Office Automation and Group Collaboration

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IntroductionOffice automation software is commonly used in today's business world to simplify employees' daily tasks and assist in group collaboration. Office automation is used as a standard practice to automate routine office tasks such as email, fax, instant messaging, and conferencing. This paper will highlight the most common office automation and group collaboration software types used in my organization and will provide an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of software used.

Office AutomationOffice automation is the use of automated or electronic equipment, such as computers, for office operations. It is a simple term which refers to the use of hardware, software and network application used to enhance general office work. Successful home businesses as well as small-to-large organizations need the latest technology to compete with others in their particular fields. Historically, personal computers and basic office applications have been treated as one-time expenses - purchased, upgraded and replaced as organizations received budget approval.

Now, investments are no longer a one- time expense, but are on-going costs of doing business. Personal computers and basic office applications are everyday tools. Disruption of these tools because of downtime, non-compatibility or security issues can have major effects on an organization's productivity and services. A consistent, appropriate replacement cycle will help smooth out costs and effort, allowing for better management of this important resource and the business it supports. It also allows organizations to take advantage of advances in security features and remote desktop applications.

My organization currently uses the Microsoft Office System. In my department, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word are the most commonly used features on a daily basis. We use Outlook as our internal email system to communicate with other employees within the organization. There are many additional features in Outlook besides email; however, the calendar and...