Office Automation and Group Collaboration

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Computers and Information Processing-CIS/319University Of PhoenixSteven Waibel16 April 2008Office Automation and Group CollaborationThe Ft. Huachuca DENTAC uses many varied office automation software which allows for easier workplace interaction and improved efficiency, but many of these office automation items also have disadvantages which must be dealt with as they appear. The main item of office automation in the DENTAC is the LAN (local area network) which connects all of the workplace computers to a main server and allows them to talk with each other. Among the items that the LAN brings to the table are, access internet, access to Microsoft Outlook in real time (messages are sent and appear almost instantly), access to shared hard drives for information exchange and access to CDA (Corporate Dental Application), this is the system where all the customer data, appointments, and workloads are accessed and modified. The DENTAC local area network is a very useful tool but it has a evident drawback in that if for some reason the network crashes or has to be taken offline then there is no way to access the systems.

For example the company uses a proxy server, which provides access through the LAN to the internet, while this server provides the benefit of limiting any employee access to forbidden sites, if the network crashes, the server crashes and it prevents the user from accessing the internet altogether. Situations like this have happened before and because of that the DENTAC was unable to provide its patients with assistance until the problem was resolved. This is the disadvantage of this office automation. Another office automation item used in the DENTAC is the telephone, because much of the business is done through the phone. Both in the DENTAC and in the Army email is one item that is used a lot,