Office automation and group collaboration software: CIS/319 Prepare a 2-3 page paper describing what office automation and group collaboration software is used in your organization.

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My company specialize in provide customize items for any organization. Our product consist of spirit items such as our hats, duffel bags, bears, flip flop, cheerleading accessories, and team merchandises. All of our products are design to fit our clients. When an order is place an order, our clients pick the color, the type of design they like (logo), which item and the quality of each items. Our artwork director then collaborate this information and design the item to fit our client needs.

We have three international office-USA, Europe, and Japan, and two factories in China. Since our business is based on collaboration, it is important to automate communication within the office, as well as the factory, and our clients.

Microsoft Outlook Email

E-mail allows employees to communicate with each other and clients without the need for real-time interaction. Our email system is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook communicates to the Microsoft Exchange server which allows delivery to the correct address.

The phone number and the contact name are also provided. This address book is accessible to all users.

Since our factories are located in China, the email system enables us to communicate international. We are able to submit orders to the factory in a timely matter. It is critical that the order place is detail, with precise design, and count. Each order is different and vary by design and quantity. E-mail is also use to communicate with clients. We are able to conform order with the client, and make any necessary arrange payment plans. We can do all this without leaving the office or desk.

Although Outlook has other feature such as calendar, tasks, and journal, We has not taken advantage of these features. With the calendar feature, employee's can enter appointments and deadline to better manage time.