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Office automation software is a part of business that is changing by the day. Office automation involves planned information and handling techniques that improve the productivity of people in office operations. As technology continues to improve and corporations expand, group collaboration software will soon become a necessity rather than a convenience for those companies that wish to become global market leaders.

The intent of this paper is to define office automation and group collaboration and how it is used with a company or business that I have worked with. Office automation is defined as the customization of current computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, email and PowerPoint presentations to make everyday office tasks more convenient in the workplace. Group collaboration software provides tools and programs that are specifically targeted for groups of individuals that will share information and coordinate activities for the success of the business.

I was employed with a commercial construction company located out of Dallas, Texas founded in 1912.

"This company is known for the projects that have shaped the skylines of cities such as Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix and Los Angeles" (XYZ, 2008). With approximately 500 - 600 employees, "this company has been known as one of the leading construction companies in the Southwestern United States" (XYZ, 2008). "To this day the company strives to continually evaluate and redefine their services to most efficiently and creatively serve their customers" (XYZ, 2008). It was a true blessing to have worked with such a renowned company.

While employed with this company, there were a number of field offices that were located on site where our construction projects were located. I was the Senior Project Office Manager at one of the field offices where we were building a 508,000 sq. ft. 4-story teaching and research building in the summer...