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Microsoft Access appears to provide the easiest and fastest means to displaying data from a SQL server database. The most regular object used to perform data entry is a form. One of the strengths of MS Access is that, by using a wizard to create a form, you can still redesign or customize it however you want. It also has it's limitation typically for managing limited amounts of data. Access is not commonly used for databases hundreds of megabytes in size, and that is why the SQL Server is more appropriate for big size of data storage. By having any office automation for different departments will be a huge advantage to the company.

The Advantage of having the SQL Server as back end and MS Access as a front end is because the local Access database files become smaller, contest of tables are not stored internally, they are stored as a links to the SQL server where the tables reside.

The difference between the two is that SQL server offers more (speed, stability, security and store procedure). It is designed to handle terra bytes worth of data within tables (Microsoft, 2005). Another advantage of MS Access is that is used by author is that the view direct reports can be scheduled to run using access. View direct is an application that provides electronic access to various financial reports. Database is scheduled at certain time to ran and download the reports that are needed. Then the Monarch is used to scrape the data needed and exported to different formats. These data you can import into a database end have the report created automatically for different departments (View Direct Manual, 2005)The disadvantage of having the SQL Server is that it does not have ability to provide you with a front end...