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Printers in the office nowadays are a must. I personally use it on daily biases for my office and it has become one of the most necessary accessories around every office. Nowadays printers play in many roles such as: Color photograph are best displayed with color printers. High-end printers use as many as 8 different ink cartridges to reproduce the wide range of colors that make up photographs. Statistical reports are printed on either a laser printer or an inkjet printer. The laser printer offers a high degree of quality but at an increase in cost over the inkjet printer. Today's inkjet printers reproduce very good print. Recently my office printers are wearing down and jamming, which is very inconvenient because it slows down the daily work process. For each jam the employee has to put in time to take the jammed paper out or call for repair. Since the company can't afford to lose money, maintenance and repairs is a must.

In this plumbing company there are total of thirty employees, sixteen office staff and fourteen field technicians. There is one office which belongs to all fourteen technicians and they all share one printer because not all of them are there at the same time. In this plumbing company there are major printing movements combined in every department, which requires large amount of printing. There are three managers that have to print and authorize any discounts and also sign off on the printed papers. Then there are 2 employees in the accounting department who speak with customer on daily biases in order to collect money so this department does a large number of printing and then they have to fax or mail out. Also there are four technician supervisors who need to have all work orders printed so that...