Office Space

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This movie is about a guy working in a run-of-the-mill technology company and he hates his job. Peter, a computer programmer who toils for the INITECH Corporation, cannot endure another moment of the mind-numbing routine and petty annoyances that assault him day after day. Personal life offers no relief, as Peter is pretty sure his girlfriend Anne (Alexandra Wentworth) is cheating on him. Peter had no motivation to go to work, he had no value in his work, he wasn?t energetic, didn?t get his work done. After some help from a relaxation expert, the guy develops the capacity to become indifferent to his stress, and ironically lands himself a position of higher power. But when his friends heard it from the grapevine the informal communication network, that they were slated for downsizing, our boy and his buddies decide to get even with a money-making virus scheme.

Office Space, a brilliant, knee-slapping comedy is a desperate, witty, and to some, an inspiring rebuttal to the horrors of cubicle life, which is a hygiene factor that are environmentally related.

The frustrations of dealing with the hierarchy of management in the changing job market. Peter plays out these emotions by knocking down his cubicle walls to achieve a view out the window, sleeping in most days, stealing a malfunctioning printer and demolishing it with his buddies, skipping work to go fishing showing up at Initech only to gut the fish on his desk, and finally, embezzling corporate money. Peter?s co-workers are subjected to dealing, not only with the pressures of the daily grind of their jobs, but now they must resort to defending their jobs.

The ?Downsizing Villain? has shown its ugly face at Initech, the consultants. Management has decided to bring in ?efficiency experts? who?s intentions are to...