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In our society today, consumption of oil has become as common as food or beverage consumption. We use oil everyday. Oil is used for many things such as: raw material for many plastics, heating in winter, medicines, clothing, paint, transportation, and pesticides. "Crude Oil can be refined into gas, gasoline, kerosene, gas oil, fuel oil, and long residue" (Cohan, Emily 1). By using oil for basically everything, this natural resource is likely to last for only a short period of time. It seems as if we are always running out of oil and each barrel we use brings us one step closer to completely running out. However, we are finding new oil everyday. "Despite being a very mature producing region, the U.S. Geological Survey and the Minerals Management Service, have estimated that the U.S. still has substantial undiscovered oil and gas resources." Untapped resources are still coming up and are of use (American Petroleum Institute 1).

In 1859, Pennsylvania put up the world's first oil well (Clifford, Dick 3). According to the American Petroleum Institute, "Oil and natural gas together equal 65 percent of our nation's energy." That is an incredible amount of energy. Without that energy, our world would be in a lot of danger. We would run out of everyday materials such as: rubber, electricity, and other things that we need for existence. In 1904, Captain William Matson proved oil was more efficient than coal. Oil was thereafter used for gasoline in the new cars, in steamers, and in sugar refineries. A ton of coal equals the same amount of energy as 4 barrels of oil (Cohan, Emily, 1). Wow! If people could actually realize how much that actually is then the world would be saved! Think of how much money people could save on...