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Planning the needed career is very important for students who want to have good positions in Well Engineering industry. This planning requires knowing the goals that are important to achieve and also the action plan that is needed to achieve this goal. Because the Well Engineering Industry is searching for candidates who not only have good subject knowledge but good skills and competences, students should improve their skills and qualities in many areas like their personal qualities, their skills in dealing with people and their skills in managing the different activities. Personally, after three years studying in the Well Engineering field, I have learned many very important skills which will help me to have a very good position in the future. However, I am still not confident about three key skills and I need to improve them in order to have a very successful career in the field of Well Engineering. This will require a short term goals to help me develop and improve these skills and also realistic actions to achieve these goals. These skills are speaking clearly and to the point, writing reports and the ability to learn from mistakes.

Because the oral communication skills are very important in any position in the well engineering industry, it is very important to improve this skill to be able to peaking clearly and to the point. In fact, studies and researches have demonstrated that an average worker spends 50% of the time consumed in his workplace communicating and that the overall business success is 85% dependent on effective communication skills .Also, studies have shown that one fourth of the workplace mistakes are a direct result of a poor communication (Fema, 2010). For this reason, it is important to practice as much as possible the English language by staring to...