Oil Spills, one of main causes of enviromental pollution.

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An oil spill is an accidental release of oil into a body of water, which presenting a hazard to marine life and the environment. First, these spills are often caused by accidents involving tankers, barges, pipelines, refineries, etc. Also it can be caused by illegal dumping, natural disasters, people's carelessness or acts of terrorism. After the oil gets into the salt or fresh water it usually floats making a layer which gets thinner and thinner by its spreading. This causes disaster or death to marine and land animals that we depend on for our survival or to preserve. Then agencies and volunteer organizations work together and use tools like booms (floating oil barriers), skimmers (boats that skim oil off the water surface), sponges, chemicals to break down oil, washing oil off beaches with special hoses, vacuum trucks, and shovels plus road equipment. They might clean it well but the oil might be in the water for several of years.

I think this is bad, it effects after a time, we have to find ways to reduce using oil. We use oil to fuel our automobiles, heat houses, to lubricate, to make plastics, and to make medicines, ink, fertilizers, pesticides, paints, and electricity. Oil is one of our most dependent resources, because of this we need to make a change!