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Meeting at Night:

1. In this poem, we can say that the imagery of light vs. darkness is a representation of the person's feelings before meeting (his or her) significant other. In some examples the darkness represents the speaker longing for his/her significant other, and the light represents the speakers approachment to his/her significant other. For example, in the first stanza there are various images representing the darkness. These images give off a feeling of dread of anxiousness, dread and desolation. Specifically, the verse "The grey sea and the long black land" insinuates a long, difficult and lonely journey. The "yellow half-moon" indicates that the poem takes place during the night, as the character arrives to the shore via boat.

In the second stanza, light and heat become a central image for the poem. In the first line "Then a mile of warm sea-scented beach", an image of a warm sunny beach is potrayed.

In my opinion, this image represents peace for the speaker as he is nearing the end of his journey. Also, in lines 9 and 10 ("A tap at the pane, the quick sharp scratch. And blue spurt of a lighted match."), the match is a representation of light. As the match is quickly lit and burning hot, it is used as a symbol for the "spark" (which is a metaphor in itself) between the two lovers.

2. The author uses onomatopoeia in various ways to add a metaphorical underlining to the poem as well as providing imagery to the reader. For example, "quick sharp scratch" and "blue spurt of a lighted match" is used to represent the intense passion between the two lovers. Their love is easily ignited at the sight of one another. Words like "slushy sand", "sleep" and "sea" helps to render the tranquility...