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Im afraid of sleeping but im also afraid of leaving my eyes wide open in the dark. Its chcildish of me- I know- but I cant help it. Theres something there and it stares back at me from my window.

It started off with dreams nit soon I began seeing things in the corner of my eye anmd mirrros. Ive told my parents but they don't believe me.

Weve gone to the doctors and well they had me take drugs tests justr to make sure I was doing any behind their bnacks. How could they think that? Im just scared

So on a particular night I staye4d up and secretly placed cameras near the window to prove them wrong. So when it struck one oclock it would appear.

And surely enough it did.

"Jessica"- It whispered, screeching the window with its naiuls making me cringe "Jessica…wants to play"

This was new.

Ive nebver heard it say that part. But I suppose it was somply escalating.

"Jessica" It would whisper my name until I did something about it- so it forced me to get up from my comforting bed "Jessica"

I sat up. Grabbed my baseball that I hardly use nowdays and walked towards the window, but I held my eyes shut because…

The appaearance of this creature was my relection so it looked like me. The only difference is the fangs it has, the bloody tattered clothing, its black pupils that seem to stare into your soul and those freackishly long fingernails,.

Leave.. me alone! I growled,tugging the curtain over.

Returning to the warmth og the bed sheets , I stared at the window for a while and noticed its shadow. It moved to the left of the window and disappeared from sight, so I sighed in relief...