Oklahoma City Bombing

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The sun rose and people awoke. They all went about their business preparing for the new day. Some were not however prepared nor had any idea about what was about to happen to them that day. I will be talking to you about the Oklahoma City Bombing that occurred on april 19, 1995 and everything having to do with it, Timothy McVeigh, the victims, after affects, and terrorism.

Timothy Mcveigh was the man behind this horrific event that shook America. Timothy McVeigh was born April 23, 1968 in Pendleton, New York. He was the middle of three children, and the only boy. His parents separated in 1978 when McVeigh was ten years old. He joined High School activities, but soon after joining these he dropped out of them. Friends remember him as skinny, shy, and kept to himself by not dating or being part of any group of friends.

McVeigh graduated from high school in June 1986, and in the fall entered Niagara County Community College. He went for only a short while and lived with his father during this time while working at Burger King. In 1987 he got a job in Buffalo as a guard on an armored car, and he is recalled as having many firearms along with a survivalist philosophy. This is when he began to stockpile both weapons and food for what he believed was to be the collapse of society. McVeigh enlisted in the Army in Buffalo in May 1988, and went through basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. After basic training, his unit was transferred to Fort Riley, Kansas, and became part of the Army's 1st Infantry Division. McVeigh became a gunner on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. He was promoted to corporal, sergeant, and then platoon leader. Even during the army...