The Old Man And The Sea

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There are many different creatures, places, people and objects that where mentioned in Hemingway's novel The Old Man and The Sea. The creatures, places, people and things have special meanings. They all play a special part in The Old Man and The Sea.

The creatures in this novel were jellyfish, sea turtles, tuna, porpoise, marlins, bonito, mako sharks, shovel-nosed sharks, and a man-of-war bird. A jellyfish really is not a fish but it is a free-swimming marine animal with a transparent saucer-shaped body and tentacles studded with stinging cells (see appendix). In the book Santiago did like jellyfish especially the Portuguese man of war because when they get on his line, the line stings him when reeling it in. A sea turtle is a marine animal with the feet modified into paddles. Santiago like the sea turtles because they eat the Portuguese man of war. A tuna is a sport fish, which is common around North America.

Santiago likes tuna because they are a good source of food raw or cooked.

A porpoise is part of same family as a dolphin. Santiago didn't like the porpoise because when he eats it, it makes him nauseous. A marlin is a sport fishes with a big sword or bill. The marlin was the challenge of Santiago. Santiago caught the marlin and became brothers in spirit with it. A bonito is actually many different kind of fish but they are small a somewhat like a tuna. Santiago likes bonito because they are a good source of food raw or cooked and it gives him energy. A mako shark is a mackerel shark that is notable sport fish and is considered dangerous to humans. The mako sharks were enemies of Santiago because they ate the marlin that he caught. Santiago fought most of the off. The shovel nose shark also attacked him and ate the marlin and Santiago was not able to save anything but the head. The man-of-war bird helped Santiago to find fish. The man-of-war bird would circle the fish and when Santiago saw this, he would go fish near where the bird was circling.

The places of importance in the book were the central market for the fisherman, the place where Santiago saw lions on a beach during his boyhood, and Casablanca. The central market for fisherman was important because that is where Santiago shows off his prized skeleton after his return from sea. The place where Santiago saw lions on a beach as a boy was important because it was a recurrent dream. This dream kept his hopes up and reminded him of his boyhood. Casablanca is a city that Santiago went to as a young man. It reminds him of his younger years and the strength he had. In Casablanca Santiago defeated a black man in an arm wrestling match.

The people and objects of importance were Joe DiMaggio and a skiff. Joe DiMaggio was important because he was Santiago's hero. Santiago admired him and want to be like him. The skiff is the boat that Santiago used for fishing.

The are many important creatures, places, people and objects that where mentioned in The Old Man and The Sea.