The Old Man And The Sea

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In the Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, Santiago's character is revealed by his attitude toward the elements around him. Santiago has definite opinions about the environment and the people around him.

Since Santiago is a fisherman he has definite attitudes toward the animals and environment around him. Here are some examples of the things he respected and likes. An example would be the flying fish. He was very fond of flying fish because they were his only friends when he was out at sea fishing. He was also sorry for the birds, especially the smaller ones, because they were always flying and never finding anything. He thought they had a harder life than people do except for the scavengers and the large, strong birds. He always thought the sea as something feminine that always gave or withheld favors. The old man loved the green sea turtles and hawk-bills for their elegance, and their great value in all of the things they do.

He feels sorry for the turtles though, because their heart will beat for hours after it has been butchered and that most people are heartless about this. The old man respects the large fish he catches. He respects it because it put up such a good fight and kept going, but in the end it was still killed.

Santiago also show humility to the young boy named Manolin. He allowed the boy to buy him food and a beer one night when he doesn't have anything to eat. Santiago accepts the things with dignity and is thankful for them.

There are also many things in the sea Santiago doesn't like. One example would be the Portuguese man of war. He doesn't like them because they are scavengers and he doesn't like scavengers. He...