"The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway

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Do you know how pain stacking it is to fight a giant marlin for 3 straight days? Santiago was such an amazing character to fight through all his challenges that erupted. Santiago is was so incredible in the way that he lived through thick and thin. Santiago was so incredible that his whole life was based on fishing.

Santiago was so amazing with all his troubles. When he started out on his journey in the ocean he was all alone and he was counting on this catch to live on. Santiago went through so many hardships and one of them was that he was out there for so long. Another thing that Santiago went through was that the pain of the rope burns on his back. He had many troubles that he went through and was near death. He had to hold on for days and with his hand cramping up and the rope burns he stood through it all even when it looked bad and for him to make it through his mild heart attack and finally he had to row back to the bay.

He also had to eat raw fish with no salt or lime to eat it with.

There were a lot of other troubles thick and thin. Santiago was a very talented and experienced friend and fisherman. Santiago was not only a friend to those around him but he was also one of the best companions to the little boy. The way that he would talk to the boy and tell his stories were very interesting. Some more thick things he went through was that on his way home the fish, his brother was attacked by the sharks. Santiago is an extremely powerful character that went through a lot of interesting adventures. He was also...